Product News: INTEGRA’s reagent dispenser streamlines nucleic acid purification workflows with KingFisher instruments

INTEGRA’s VIAFILL bulk reagent dispenser is said to be the perfect complement to the ThermoFisher Kingfisher system

28 Oct 2020

INTEGRA Biosciences’ VIAFILL reagent dispenser is the perfect complement to magnetic particle processors such as ThermoFisher’s KingFisher™ system, streamlining workflows for extraction and purification of nucleic acids.

The VIAFILL can quickly and efficiently prepare purification plates for a variety of workflows, offering:

  • Ability to dispense a large range of volumes using the same set up
  • Full labware flexibility, from 6 to 1536 well plates, including deep well and PCR plates
  • Easy to use touch screen and simple programming
  • Small footprint to fit into any lab
  • Direct dispensing from manufacturers' bottles, minimizing liquid transfers and contamination risk

The VIAFILL enables rapid reagent preparation for automated extraction, and supports optimized dispensing of various solutions, such as viscous wash buffers and beads, or volatile liquids like ethanol. The system offers fast and simple plate preparation for a number of different formats – including 24 or 96 well deep well plates used by the KingFisher systems – dispensing defined volumes of buffers or solutions for the various steps of nucleic acid extraction. For high throughput applications, the VIAFILL’s optional plate stacker can simplify preparation of numerous reagent plates ready for extraction on the KingFisher system – further streamlining the workflow without compromising the reproducibility of dispensing.

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