Product News: INTEGRA products speed up diagnostic testing and research

12 Oct 2020

INTEGRA Biosciences’ cost-effective liquid handling products are ideal for molecular diagnostics workflows, particularly during the COVID-19 crisis, making it easy for labs to scale up their testing capacities quickly and easily.

It is often assumed that high throughput can only be achieved with huge investment. This simply isn’t the case with INTEGRA’s affordable pipetting solutions, which can increase lab productivity and the reproducibility of results, without the need for large liquid handling platforms and at an affordable price. 

INTEGRA instruments can easily be implemented into any lab’s workflow, meeting a wide range of throughput needs simply by replicating the workflow on multiple cost-effective workstations running in parallel. This provides scalability without complexity, and each workstation’s compact footprint ensures efficient use of lab space, as well as allowing them to easily fit in biosafety cabinets for safe handling of hazardous samples. 

All INTEGRA systems are shipped fully assembled to minimize set-up time. Combined with intuitive operation, this allows labs to get their workflows up and running – from unboxing to the first run – within minutes.

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