Product News: Innova Biosciences Launches Go Direct! Campaign 3

30 Apr 2010

To provide greater awareness of how easy it is for scientists to label primary antibodies within their own laboratories; Innova Biosciences (Cambridge UK) has launched the third part of the Go Direct! campaign.

Lightning-Link is the World’s easiest to use antibody labeling kit. However, although the 30 seconds hands on approach is extremely easy to use there are certain criteria which must be met to successfully label an antibody.

1. The antibody must be purified for the labeling chemistry involves free amine groups present within lysine amino acids. Therefore, as lysines are present in the majority of proteins, the labeling process will not be specific to the antibody but will involve all proteins present within the solution.

2. As the labeling chemistry involves amine groups, other chemicals that are amine rich should be avoided, namely tris based buffers and glycine (commonly used to elute antibodies off a purification column). Buffers stored in PBS are perfect for the Lightning-Link antibody labeling kits.

Additional frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Lightning Link, the World’s easiest to use antibody labeling kits, can be read by following the Company article page link top right of this page.