Product News: Individual Special Solutions for Climate Chambers: BINDER Climate Chambers Tailored to Specific Customer Requirements

29 Jul 2014

BINDER GmbH climate chambers simulate realistic biological, chemical and physical environmental conditions in scientific and industrial laboratories. Series production chambers already offer a wide range of different applications. However, there are circumstances in which the requirements of highly specific application profiles cannot be met by a serially produced unit. This is where the BINDER INDIVIDUAL department comes in. Building on the foundation of a series production device, extensions or add-ons to such devices mean that a highly specialized unique solution can be developed and tailored to the respective customer requirements.

For example, special modifications are often needed in the material tests of batteries or accumulators. To test the lifecycle and performance, temperature change tests are often performed with pulsating current. For the test runs, it is important that the batteries be stored on an electrically non-conductive surface. For this reason, batch-produced stainless-steel racks have been specially coated to prevent transmission of an electrical charge. For test series with particularly heavy test material, the floor of the inner chamber may need to be reinforced. In addition, special precautions are often required. This is because, in very extreme cases, gas can develop in the test chamber due to irreversible reactions of cell components. Thanks to the special installation of pressure relief valves, the resulting gas or pressure can be dissipated. These valves can also be heated to prevent the formation of condensate and possible icing. Additional door locking mechanisms can be installed on the side of the housing to prevent the doors from being blasted in the event of an unexpected explosion.

Likewise, special modifications to climate chambers are often needed in the food industry also. To meet the strict hygiene requirements, in many cases a full version of the devices in stainless steel is required. This special version also offers excellent corrosion protection.

From the smallest add-on through to comprehensive device extensions, the possibilities of BINDER INDIVIDUAL special solutions are countless. In close consultation with application specialists, technicians and engineers, a product can be realized within a very short period of time that is precisely tailored to the particular requirements of a customer.