Product News: Improve Cell Culture and Cell Line Generation with HAMILTON’s New Automation Solutions at BIOTECHNICA 2010

29 Sep 2010

Visit HAMILTON to discover more about the 3D CellHOST system, new ClonaCell® EasyPick and a dedicated Genomics Workstation that automates all processes of DNA/RNA handling and a drug discovery workstation for high throughput compound handling.

Traditional automated solutions imitate the manual handling of cells. These systems are usually very big, expensive and quite slow. One reason for this is that there are lots of transport steps to bring the cell culture flasks with cells to the liquid handling platform and back to the incubator. The GEM microcarrier technology allows an optimized cell culture process when automated on the 3D CellHOST system: The incubator, i.e. the BioLevitator, is integrated on the workspace of the 3D-CellHOST™. The cells do not have any longer to be transported; they are easily accessible for media changes and other processes.

The new ClonaCell® EasyPick unites STEMCELL Technologies ClonaCell media with Hamilton's advanced high-performing liquid handling robotics to meet the three most important aspects in developing cell lines - quality, speed and throughput.

Features of the ClonaCell® EasyPick:

• Quality liquid handling robotics
• Simultaneous selection and cloning of cells in ClonaCell Media
• Automated Colony Isolation
• Eliminates serial dilutions
• Reduces clone development time by up to 26 days
• Increases probability of isolating rare high-yielding clones
• Reduces downstream screening
• Limits contamination risk
• Integrated customized software 

Both systems can be discovered at the HAMILTON booth G24 in Hall 9 - together with a dedicated Genomics Workstation that automates all processes of DNA/RNA handling and a Drug Discovery Workstation for High Throughput Compound handling.