Product News: Horizon Technology Announces the SmartPrep Extractor™ for SPE

16 Aug 2011

Horizon Technology has introduced the brand new SmartPrep Extractor. This system delivers versatility and intelligent sample preparation capabilities for cartridge based automated SPE.

SmartPrep is the first automated, small footprint, extraction system designed specifically for scalable cartridge based SPE of a wide range of contaminants in clean aqueous matrices. SmartPrep combines versatility and ease of use making automated SPE simple and affordable. The system enables the ability to apply unique methods to each sample or process up to (96) samples in batch mode and is compatible with most 1, 3 and 6 mL cartridges.

Similar to Horizon’s SPE-DEX® 4790 disk based system the SmartPrep is modular and scalable. Eight extractors can be linked to one PC. SmartPreps intuitive flexible software allows for individual method selection for each sample or batch processing. Ideal sample volumes are 10 mL- 1.0 Liter.