Product News: Horizon Technology, Inc. Announces Two New Products and Service at PITTCON 2014

04 Mar 2014

Horizon Technology, a leading global manufacturer of automated sample preparation systems for the analysis of organic compounds and Oil & Grease Testing, has announced the introduction of two new products and the release of a new electronic store.

The new Speed-Vap® IV Evaporation System is an improved evaporator for use in oil and grease sample preparation for gravimetric measurement, but also used to evaporate other hexane extracts, such as food fats. The new evaporator includes a timer and chime to make it easier to know when the evaporating sample must be observed and when the operator can be involved in other tasks. “We continue to provide our customers with new products that provide additional features, yet are simple to operate” said Bob Johnson, founder and chief technology officer.

Furthermore, Horizon Technology announced the introduction of additional tube racks to further expand the capability of the very successful XcelVap Evaporation/Concentration System, introduced last year at PITTCON 2013. Three new racks are being introduced, that will hold 54 12x75 mm-test tubes, 24 20-mL VOA, or 24 60-mL VOA vials. “The ability of accommodating a variety of racks rather than just one is very popular and we will continue to add racks as customers inform us of the choices they need”, added Zoe Grosser, Ph.D., Marketing Manager.

Finally, Horizon Technology unveiled plans for an electronic store which will expand their current website, to allow for the purchase of consumables and small equipment. “Our customers deserve to have the ultimate flexibility in how they shop” declared Martha Johnson, founder and business development manager. “They can call us, of course, but now they can purchase at any time of the day or night” The store is also a reference site for customers outside the US who can see what items they might want to order before calling their local representative to purchase. “As our product line continues to grow, we are pleased to be able to provide the necessary information to customers so they can purchase what they need in a convenient and timely fashion” added Peter Brown, Ph.D., CEO.

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