Product News: High-Capacity Ultra-Low Refrigerated Circulators with Short Heat-Up and Cool-Down Times

22 Oct 2010

JULABO offers two ultra-low refrigerated circulators with proportional cooling control and 2-phase cascade cooling. The "Active Cooling Control" ensures that the maximum cooling capacity is always available in the entire temperature range. The working temperature range of the units ranges from -90° C to +100° C at a maximum cooling power of 1000 W.

Both systems have an integrated early warning system for low liquid level (DBGM: 203 06 059.8) which gives a warning at low liquid level before a safety cut-off comes into effect. In addition the pump capacity can be adjusted electronically via “SMART PUMP” – the pressure and suction pump of model FP89-HL reaches a performance of up to 26 l/min respectively 1,1 bar. In addition both models are equipped with heated bath covers to avoid accumulation of ice or condensation as well as a drain tap at the front for easy discharge of bath liquid. The cooling machines are optionally available with the thermostats ME (TopTech-Series or HL (HighTech-Series).