Product News: Gilson's VERITY 1741 UV-VIS Detector is specially designed to secure semi-preparative and preparative HPLC applications

02 Aug 2021

Gilson has announced a new UV-VIS detector to its VERITY® line of purification systems. The VERITY® 1741 UV-VIS Detector is specifically designed with the needs of semi-preparative and preparative HPLC customers in mind. It relies on the power of UV-VIS with diode array detection (DAD) technology, like that found in Gilson's popular PLC Purification Systems. The VERITY 1741 Detector is an ideal solution for purification applications in drug discovery, food supplements, natural products, and biomolecular research.

When controlled by Gilson's TRILUTION® LC Software to power up Gilson's VERITY® line of purification systems, the reliable VERITY 1741 Detector offers a 200-800 nm scanning range and multiple different wavelength detection simultaneously, which can significantly increase purification specificity. Spectra can also be viewed in real-time, allowing researchers to quickly identify co-eluting impurities or other separation details. The extensive range of path flow cells makes the detector highly versatile to a wide array of compound concentrations and purification schemes.

The detector features a built-in counter for monitoring lamp life, which helps users avoid interruptions and sample loss during a purification. The detector also uses easy to replace long-lasting lamps and flow cells, resulting in less instrument downtime. Gilson's service experience with similar PLC detectors translate to minimizing the cost of ownership. The VERITY 1741 Detector is easy to use and maintain while providing extended detection power.

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