Product News: Gilson and QIAGEN collaborate to define new TRACKMAN Connected Starter Kits to support nucleic acid purification kits

14 Jul 2021

Gilson, a leader in liquid handling technology, has announced three new TRACKMAN® Connected Starter Kits, which now offer protocols developed by QIAGEN, a leading global provider of sample-to-insight solutions to gain valuable molecular insights from DNA, RNA, and protein samples. 

The updated version of TRACKMAN Connected will support protocols for QIAGEN kits covering DNA and RNA purifications from numerous sources such as cells and tissues, blood, and are also useful for viral RNA (e.g., SARS-CoV-2), plasmid purifications, and PCR clean-up. The new Gilson Starter Kits are ideal for labs using routine molecular biology techniques and looking for improved results, reproducibility, more reliable performance, and better reporting tools.

The three new TRACKMAN Connected Starter Kits − Single Channel, Multichannel, and Pro − are ready-to-use, initially with eight of QIAGEN’s most popular manual nucleic acid extraction kits. The researcher simply selects the appropriate QIAGEN protocol in the TRACKMAN Connected tablet and answers a few start-up questions. The TRACKMAN Connected digital pipetting system then provides guidance on where, when, and how much to pipette in real-time. It follows the protocol, logging events including timestamps and point-of-execution environmental conditions, enabling easy troubleshooting, and sharing. The data provides an unprecedented level of traceability for pipetting, providing significant reporting improvements while helping researchers to quickly correct or validate unexpected results.

Each TRACKMAN Connected Starter Kit contains everything needed to begin using specific QIAGEN kits, including a tablet preloaded with the PipettePilot® app, the appropriate PIPETMAN® M Connected pipettes, and filter tips. 

The Gilson and QIAGEN collaboration is just getting started. Look for more kits being added in the near future. 

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