Product News: Fast Protein Purification LC at BIOTECHNICA 2015

23 Sep 2015

KNAUER is offering free tickets for BIOTECHNICA in Hannover, Germany, and will be presenting the AZURA® Bio LC systems at booth A35, hall 9, ideal for fast protein purification.

Adapting to any biochromatography purification challenge is very easy with the modular AZURA® Bio LC platform. These LC systems are reported to be scalable regarding the purified amount of protein and the desired level of automation. The buffer supply can be chosen for maximum flow rates from 10 ml/min up to 1000 ml/min, including gradient options or a buffer selection option. Column switching, peak parking, different fraction collection choices and detection principles are also available, so that users are able to easily meet changing requirements at any time.

Typical applications include affinity chromatography, size exclusion chromatography, ion exchange chromatography, hydrophobic interaction chromatography, as well as mixed mode chromatography. The systems are combinable with all common LC columns in the market.

Unique in this field is the possibility of the purification software PurityChrom® Bio, to develop and work with methods based on volume, column volume or time. The software offers practical safety features protecting the valuable product, e.g. a “hold function” that can be invoked during a run or a solvent level monitoring function to prevent unintended running out of buffer.

A particularly clever function is the waste management function, that collects waste-per-run, which is very useful during method development or when sequentially handling different samples. In case anything goes wrong with the separation, the user has the option to get the sample from the “dedicated” waste vial for this sample. This will then require an additional fractionation valve or fraction collector to “sub-divide” the waste.

The AZURA Bio LC systems can also be controlled with other chromatography data systems with a purification function, such as time-based ClarityChrom® and OpenLAB® EZChrom Edition packages.

Summarized, KNAUER is presenting a very open platform for FPLC applications, leaving much choice to the user. Learn more about KNAUER's open FPLC platform, and get your free ticket today!