Product News: Fast and Simple Sample Lyophilization with FastLyo Methodology from Genevac

03 Oct 2017

Genevac has announced that state-of-the-art condenser technology enables its HT Series 3 evaporator, using FastLyo™ methodology, to set a new benchmark for fast and efficient sample lyophilization. A series of technical and applications articles are available demonstrating this technological advance.

When working with certain HPLC solvents, such as acetonitrile / water or methanol / water, a fully dried result can be hard to achieve due to interactions with the dissolved sample - resulting in the formation of a gum or oil. Lyophilization is often the preferred method of sample drying in this case, achieving a high level of dryness with low residual solvent levels. The light, powdery finish of samples prepared in this way enables them to be easily removed and weighed out. However, Lyophilization can be a time-consuming process.

The lower operating temperature (-75°C) of the condenser in the HT Series 3 evaporator, together with automatic solvent draining mid-run, has made Genevac’s proprietary FastLyo™ methodology even more efficient. Using the improved FastLyo™ methodology on an HT Series 3 evaporator - now even the most difficult to handle aqueous / organic solvent mixtures can be removed to produce a clean lyophilized sample with a success rate as high as 96%.

For more information about the HT 3 Series and FastLyo™ methodology, browse Genevac's collection of lyophilization application notes: