Product News: Expanded FluidX Next-Gen Sample Tube Range

New range from Brooks Life Sciences is designed to help complement existing workflows, protect sample integrity, and support lab efficiency

30 Jul 2019

Brooks Life Sciences has expanded the FluidX Next-Gen Sample Tube range, providing flexibility through the widest range of coded sample tubes available. Comprising of 18 sample tubes you can have the flexibility of choosing a tube that fits your workflow, not changing your workflow to fit the tube. 

What is a FluidX Next-Gen Sample Tube? 

The FluidX Next-Gen Sample Tube range benefit from nearly 20 years of experience manufacturing and supplying coded tubes to biobanks, compound management groups, basic research labs, genomic labs and more. A Next-Generation manufacturing technique is used to integrate 2 resin colors into the same tube enabling high-resolution coding and reliable readability. With several industry-leading key benefits FluidX Next-Gen Sample Tubes help protect sample integrity and support lab efficiency, these key benefits are:

  • No detectable leachables or extractables 
  • High quality manufacturing with enhanced testing
  • Flexibility of true working volume with a broad range of tubes
  • Traceability with multiple coding options (Tri-coded, Dual-coded, 2D-coded, 1D-code, Human Readable)
  • Secure sealing (external thread, internal thread, septum, heat seal)
  • Permanently laser etched to ensure codes are not lost/damaged
  • High contrast for reliable readability, compatible with a broad range of readers especially the Perception HD from Brooks Life Sciences.

Evelyn Stevenson, FluidX Range Consumables Product Manager said; “We’re very proud of our expanded range of FluidX Next-Gen Sample Tubes, not only can we offer customers the widest range available, but we also feature industry leading benefits to protect sample integrity and promote lab efficiency across a range of applications”. 

Further to this Brooks Life Sciences is also pleased to announce a rationalized naming structure for the FluidX Sample Tubes, this can be found in the glossary of the new Sample Tube Consumables and Instruments catalogue.

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