Product News: Essen BioScience Releases New Infographic for Cell-based Analysis

New infographic outlines critical challenges in cell-based analysis

24 Jul 2017

In the search for more relevant and translational test systems, researchers are increasingly moving towards more advanced cellular models. 

These models display complex long-term dynamic biology, which places greater demands on the readouts and detection methods used to study them. Traditional end-point assays fall short and do not illuminate these parameter changes over time.

To illustrate this, Essen BioScience has produced a new infographic, summarizing the most common challenges faced when performing cell-based analysis. The infographic utilizes an independent survey conducted by SelectScience in early 2017, in which a random selection of scientists working within cell-based analyses were asked about the problems they face most commonly within their work.

It also outlines the advantages of using real-time live-cell analysis for cellular workflows, an area in which Essen BioScience has worked hard to provide scientists with a system that enables instant and information-rich analysis of cell systems. Their latest instrument, the IncuCyte S3®, recently received a SelectScience Bronze Seal of Quality in recognition of the high number of positive reviews it has received from scientists around the world.

Belinda Oclair, Global Product Manager, Essen BioScience, said: "Our goal was to translate the critical challenges that scientists face when performing common, end-point cell-based analysis, into understanding and insight of  the advantages that live-cell analysis offers. This data generated from customer feedback clearly highlights how live-cell imaging and analysis alleviates the limitations of typical cell-based assays in the evolving landscape of more complex cell model systems and does this in a completely non-perturbing way, allowing for integration into current workflows. Live-cell analysis is a powerful bio-analytical tool that provides time dependent and biological dependent insight for life science researchers."

Download the infographic here to identify the critical challenges faced in cell-based analysis, and how these are overcome by means of exciting developments in real-time live-cell analysis.