Product News: Eprep Launch ‘Game Changer’ with New Sample Preparation Workstation.

13 Nov 2017

Eprep launch the new Sample Preparation Workstation to the market. The desktop instrument, which allows robotic sample preparation whether for 5 or 500 samples, achieves effortless accuracy and consistent results every time.

Described as the “go-to” instrument for analytical laboratory sample preparation, Andrew Minett, General Manager at Eprep says:

“The Eprep suite of innovative technologies brings affordable robotic sample preparation to every laboratory. Sample preparation techniques have not kept up with the efficiency of modern analytical equipment. The ePrep workstation is a game changer, providing a simple cost-effective solution for automation in all Chromatography Laboratories.”

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Through extensive market research Eprep identified a hole in the sample analysis path from collection to result. Rapid programming and simple instrument setup which allows even complex Workflows to be configured in minutes.

Eprep’s total offering addresses the specific needs and problems with sample preparation for most analytical chromatography laboratories. ePrep has been designed specifically to bring sample preparation to every laboratory.

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