Product News: Emerson’s ASCO™ Series 038 Miniature Isolation valve for dispensing applications

09 Apr 2021

The ASCO™ Series 038 are 2-way miniature solenoid valves designed to meet the needs of the clinical diagnostic market.

Offering isolated fluid control and with PEEK bodies and FFKM sealing materials, they are designed for use with neutral or aggressive liquids.  With a width of 5.7 mm and ~4g weight, they are ideal for saving space in complex point of care instruments with dispensing applications.  A low dead volume of 0.75µL and overall internal volume of 1.2µL reduces reagent wastes and improves the effectivity of cleaning steps between test cycles, which translates to critical cost savings for diagnostic laboratories. Latching coils are available for minimal heat transfer to thermally sensitive samples. A response time < 10 ms provides fast switching for precision control.

The series 038 miniature solenoid are fully customizable to meet the needs of individual applications.  By working directly with Emerson product development engineers you get valve samples and customized assemblies through an iterative design cycle, ensuring you receive what you need, when you need it, speeding up your product development time.