Product News: EMD Millipore at PITTCON 2012

05 Mar 2012

Visit EMD Millipore at Pittcon 2012, the world's largest annual conference and exposition for laboratory science. This year’s program features new advances in separations, spectroscopy, bioanalysis, environmental analysis and drug discovery and development. EMD Millipore supports their customers with solutions for efficient chromatography, high quality chemicals, trusted water purification systems, and insightful cellular and protein analysis, making them a key partner for all attending this exciting conference.

Goodbye, Bradford Assays!

Drive your research forward with EMD Millipore’s new IR-based quantitation system—Direct Detect™. Visit booth #2259 and play the “Direct Detectives” mystery game. Solve who killed the Bradford and be entered to win an Apple iPad® 2 mobile device. Receive a free “infrared” pen just for participating!

Discover how EMD Millipore’s solutions drive your research and analysis at booth #2259:

Filtration for better UHPLC: Maintain clean baselines and improve chromatography run efficiency and reproducibility.
• Millex® syringe filters
• Filter membranes
• Filter holders

Efficient multi-sample filtration: Streamline preparation of chromatography samples with superior recovery.
• NEW Samplicity™ filtration system with Millex Samplicity™ filters – filter up to 8 samples in seconds.

Protein preparation and detection: separate, concentrate and analyze expression.
• NEW! Goodbye, Bradford assays! Drive your research forward with the Direct Detect™ IR-based biomolecular quantitation system.

Insightful cellular analysis:
• NEW! Achieve smarter cell analysis with your own Muse™ -- a new cell analyzer that delivers accurate assessments of cell viability, apoptosis and cell cycle in just minutes.

Your connection to 14,706 new Lab Essentials chemical products: 100% Fascinated by analytics.
• Analytical HPLC for important drug analysis.
• Naturally pure GC solvents for food analysis.
• EMD ReCycler® Bulk Solvent Delivery Service: Increase efficiency while reducing waste and cost of using smaller solvent containers.

Eau de EMD Millipore: The partner of choice for water purification systems and related services.
• Experience the quintessence: Milli-Q® Integral system puts pure and ultrapure water at your fingertips.
• Experience infinity: Elix® Advantage system makes intelligent use of power.
• ech2o™ Collection & Recycling Program: Designed to reduce the environmental impact of Lab Water purification cartridges.

DON’T MISS their ePoster:
Achieving Ultratrace Levels of Elements by ICP-MS Using Ultrapure Water
Maricar Tarun, Stephane Mabic and Liba Amir
Poster Number 820-11P