Product News: EKF Diagnostics Launches POC Hemoglobin Analyzer at Medica 2014

27 Oct 2014

EKF Diagnostics, the global diagnostics company, has introduced the DiaSpect TM point of care (POC) hemoglobin analyzer at Medica 2014, 12-15th November, Düsseldorf, Germany. Alongside this new product, EKF exhibited a new version of its Hemo Control hemoglobin analyzer, the industry-leading Biosen glucose and lactate analyzer, as well as previewing SensPoint, a new lactate analyzer designed for use in professional medical settings.

The new DiaSpect Tm hemoglobin analyzer is a palm-sized point of care analyzer that is fast, easy to use and reliable in all climate conditions as it combines laboratory quality performance with unmatched measurement speed and extensive battery life.

In addition to its accuracy of result, DiaSpect Tm is extremely robust since it has no moving parts. Furthermore it utilizes reagent-free microcuvettes which are unaffected by humidity, unlike reagent-based systems. These plexiglass microcuvettes also have a long shelf-life of 2.5 years with no need for refrigeration as they can be stored from 0° to 50°C. DiaSpect Tm is portable and lightweight at just 185g and has an extremely long battery life of 40 days of continuous use, or 10,000 tests, due to its integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

DiaSpect Tm is factory calibrated against the HiCN reference method in accordance with ICSH and requires no re-calibration or maintenance, as it undertakes an automatic self-check between every measurement. Its ‘always on’ technology also means the analyzer is permanently ready for use.

The user simply collects a capillary or venous blood sample of <10 µL in the microcuvette and inserts it directly into the analyzer. Hemoglobin results are delivered in just one second which can then be downloaded to a PC via USB or Bluetooth.