Product News: Dynamic Liquid Classification

10 Oct 2012

Pipetting of liquids with a high accuracy and precision is no problem for state-of-the-art pipetting robots as long as the liquids are known and corresponding pipetting parameters can be defined. However, there are a number of applications where variations in liquid properties are unknown, such as formulations and mixtures of liquids or natural liquids such as bacterial cultures or natural extracts. In these cases pipetting with high accuracy and precision cannot be reached sufficiently by statically using only one set of pipetting parameters.

Dynamic Liquid Classification enables your Hamilton Microlab STAR Line liquid handling system to solve this problem. During a test pipetting under standard parameters, the pressure curve is recorded. Different algorithms are applied to the curve and the results compared to a data base containing the data from standard liquids used for calibration. The database returns the best fitting result. This can then be used dynamically to trigger a decision, for example the choice of a specific liquid class to improve precision and accuracy of the pipetting. In addition, the classification can be used to process for further analysis only a subset of liquids with distinct liquid parameters.

Dynamic Liquid Classification is a software package for Hamilton Venus software.