Product News: DuraChill Recirculating Chillers awarded 2020 Innovators Award

27 Oct 2020

With benefits such as dynamic self-changing filters, an intelligent self-diagnostic system, UV biological growth inhibitors, and ultra-quiet WhisperCool™ technology, changing the world of chillers is more than just a catchphrase for PolyScience. For their strong commitment to innovation, the DuraChill® line of portable recirculating chillers was awarded Industrial Laser Systems Gold Honoree status at Laser Focus World's 2020 Innovators Awards.

Announcing the award, Laser Focus World said: "The DuraChill line of liquid-to-air recirculating chillers create a more-reliable chiller that OEMs can confidently integrate into all their systems. DuraChill chillers are designed to simplify tasks, take less space, integrate more seamlessly, and provide better power stability, longer laser lifespan, more consistent beam profiles, fewer service calls, and increased mean time between failures."

The DuraChill was also named as a runner-up for Best New General Lab Product in the prestigious 2020 Scientists' Choice Awards  awarded at Pittcon in Chicago.

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