Product News: Doulix - Agilent Collaboration to Offer New SureVector Cloning System

12 Oct 2017

Double Helix Technologies (Doulix) has announced a collaboration with Agilent Technologies Inc. to promote Agilent's SureVector next-generation cloning kits through Doulix’s web platform. Through this partnership, synthetic biologists will be able to choose among SureVector’s standard DNA parts to design custom plasmids using Doulix’s web platform.

Agilent’s SureVector is the latest innovation in next-generation cloning. SureVector harnesses the power of synthetic biology by allowing the combination of standard validated parts to create novel vector constructs. The SureVector system enables the rapid and reliable assembly of custom plasmids for mammalian, E. coli, and yeast cells by combining Agilent's functional DNA modules with custom genes and components.

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Doulix is a comprehensive toolkit for synthetic biology that allows users to easily design, validate and synthesize custom DNA vectors. Doulix combines the convenience of pre-made standard DNA parts with the freedom of a full-fledge sequence editor. Doulix also offers a validation algorithm that allows users to review their constructs for common design flaws before proceeding to synthesis.

“Today, the unmatched flexibility of SureVector and the design capability of Doulix come together to unlock the full potential of synthetic biology” said Davide De Lucrezia, Managing Director of Doulix. 

"This collaboration is an exciting step forward for SureVector," said Laura Whitman, Global Synthetic Biology Product Manager for Agilent, "It allows researchers to create individual vectors and the ability to customize any fragment in the SureVector system."

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Agilent has been a leading provider of molecular biology tools since it acquired Stratagene in 2007. It is one of the few companies whose products address the entire workflow for molecular and synthetic biology, and "SureVector is part of Agilent's continued commitment to providing revolutionary tools for molecular biology", said Agilent’s Whitman.