Product News: Direct Sample Analysis (DSA) Solutions for Mass Spec Results in Seconds

14 May 2012

PerkinElmer, Inc. has announced that it will be presenting innovative mass spectrometry solutions that reduce analysis time to seconds by eliminating sample preparation steps, at the American Society for Mass Spectrometry conference beginning May 19th, at the Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver,BC, Canada.

The AxION® Direct Sample Analysis (DSA) system will be featured at booth #20 and hospitality suite #110 and is central to the company’s conference theme of “Inspiring Innovation.” Designed and engineered to work with PerkinElmer’s AxION® 2 Time–of–Flight (TOF) mass spectrometer, AxION DSA’s technology enables scientists to get mass spectrometry results in seconds by eliminating the need for front–end gas or liquid chromatography separation. With this system, sample analysis time can be reduced by almost 99% and can provide significant cost savings as it eliminates the need for chromatography. This can also dramatically improve laboratory workflows while delivering faster results.

To further streamline lab operations, PerkinElmer will demonstrate their easy–to–use, web–based AxION eDoor™ open access software. Compatible with workflows in all types of LC/MS laboratories, AxION eDoor provides “walk up access” for sample introduction, while enabling management and control of a complete network of multi–vendor mass spectrometry instruments and users. The system features a modern, intuitive interface and provides fast, convenient access to results via Web, email or any PDA.

“While mass spectrometry technology provides the deepest insights into samples, labs are faced with the challenges of lengthy sample preparation and complex software systems that are time–consuming and require highly skilled staff to perform“ said Silverio (Sal) Iacono, vice president for Mass Spectrometry, PerkinElmer. “In addition to virtually eliminating sample prep and the need for front end chromatography, our new mass spectrometry solutions are so easy to use that little or no training is required. At ASMS, we will demonstrate how these innovations streamline laboratory workflows and control, all, while ensuring the generation of outstanding mass spec data and results.”

Join PerkinElmer experts to learn more about the company’s mass spectrometry offerings as well as the broad range of applications across key market segments. From May 21–23, 8:00 –11:00 pm (PDT), PerkinElmer analytical instruments, software and service offerings will be on display in their hospitality suite, including:

• The AxION® 2 Time–of–Flight (TOF) mass spectrometer hardware and software platform is specifically designed to bring speed and confidence to quantitation, target analysis and compound identification. This system offers optimum sensitivity, wide dynamic range and exact mass capabilities to help ensure quality and safety in pharmaceutical and food testing applications including accurate, reliable and confident analysis across environmental, industrial and forensic applications.

• The AxION® Direct Sample Analysis (DSA) that eliminates sample preparation, challenging method development, and front–end gas or liquid chromatography separation. Liquid, solid, and gas samples can be directly introduced into a mass spectrometer. This allows for rapid and greatly simplified analysis, helping lead to faster decisions. With the AxION DSA system, labs can cut traditional analysis time into seconds without compromising results.

• With real–time, web–based access and live updates, AxION eDoor allows lab managers to control every aspect of their operation – from sample submission to final results. Required sample information, methods, and final reports can be customized and tailored to suit a particular application, individual researcher, or user group. The software also simplifies the submission processes for scientists, making it easy to log in samples and receive results remotely at any time with minimal training.

• The Flexar™ FX–15 UHPLC liquid chromatography system includes a dual–reciprocating 18,000 psi pump which provides as much as ten times or more improvement in laboratory productivity. The system’s high resolution and sensitivity enable reliable, repeatable analyses in less time. The user interface is streamlined to improve throughput and optimize operator safety. An integral part of the Flexar LC product line, the Flexar SQ 300 MS provides detailed and selective sample insight provided by mass spectrometry. This innovative and rugged single quadrupole mass spectrometer delivers high sensitivity and accurate quantitation.

• The Clarus® SQ 8 GC/MS delivers reliable throughput and productivity for analysts requiring extreme sensitivity, such as in environmental and food testing applications. It is designed around the world’s most sensitive GC/MS detector, Clarifi™, which uses the latest electron technology to provide the greatest sensitivity and longest operational lifetime. Clarus SQ 8’s revolutionary SMARTSource™ technology provides unprecedented access, ease of use, and maintenance for users, resulting in increased uptime and reduced operating costs. For the separation of light volatile components the Clarus® 680 GC is ideal with its patented high–performance oven.

• Engineered to deliver stability, flexibility and performance, the award–winning NexION® 300 ICP–MS represents the first ICP–MS instrument that can offer the simplicity and convenience of a collision cell with the exceptional detection limits of a true reaction cell. With its patented Universal Cell Technology™ (UCT), analysts can now choose the most appropriate technique for a specific sample or application.

• With a global team of certified, factory–trained Customer Support Engineers in more than 150 countries, OneSource® Laboratory Services from PerkinElmer is a single source for all instrument maintenance and repair needs. Flexible and scalable, OneSource programs are tailored to the specific needs and goals of individual customers. OneSource services offer the most comprehensive portfolio of professional laboratory services in the industry, including complete care programs for nearly every technology and manufacturer.