Product News: DataApex Announces Spanish Localization of Clarity

26 Nov 2012

DataApex is pleased to announce that Clarity Chromatography Software has been successfully localized to Spanish language. The Clarity Spanish version has been developed in close cooperation with our distributors in Spanish speaking countries. Users of Clarity Software in English localization can update to a localized version free of charge.

“Localizations are very important as they help us to better serve our users and enter new market segments” commented Mr. Jan Hrubý, DataApex General Manager. The first Clarity localization to Chinese language was completed in 2006. This year DataApex added Spanish and German localizations. Russian and French localizations are under development and their planned release is in 2013.

Clarity Chromatography Software has a strong position in the chromatography data systems market. Clarity, the third generation of DataApex products, allows controlling more than 400 different instruments from the single environment and offers its users very high flexibility. Clarity is highly regarded for its intuitive approach, excellent performance, cost-effectiveness and proficient technical support.

DataApex is solely focused on chromatography software development. A strong emphasis is placed on technological innovation, visionary adoption of new laboratory standards, best practices and extensive customer support. DataApex products are sold in over 80 countries around the world. Ten chromatography instrument manufacturers privately resell labeled versions of DataApex’s software.