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31 Dec 2012

Visit CyBio at SLAS booth # 1115 for the latest innovations in liquid handling technologies tailored to user's daily challenges.

CyBio presents its flexible pipetting platform for fully automated single to multichannel liquid handling - CyBi®-FeliX. With its incredibly compact footprint of 650 x 450 mm (W/D), CyBi®-FeliX features 12 deck positions arranged on two levels for microplates, tube racks, reservoirs and tips. The benchtop pipettor is designed for routine liquid handling tasks in all SBS footprint labware, such as plate replication, reformatting, hit picking and serial dilution in rows and columns within the impressive volume range of 500 nl – 1 ml. The CyBi®-FeliX base unit can be equipped according to different application needs, without giving up the possibility of future upgrades or adaptation.

Learn more about CyBi®-FeliX at our workshop:
Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 2:00 pm – 2:45 pm in room Osceola 3-4

CyBio also introduces the new 1536-channel pipetting head for the reliable, simultaneous pipetting platform CyBi®-Well vario. The pipetting head uses CyBio‘s unique and well-proven tip sealing technology. The 1536 air displacement pistons allow the simultaneous transfer and filling of all wells of a 1536-well plate in one single step. The CyBi®-Well vario system accepts a series of different interchangeable pipetting heads, thus combining high flexibility with upgradeability for future tasks at a reasonable price.

The new 1536 pipetting head features:
• 1536 gasket-sealed tips with uniform tip height
• Working volume up to 10 μl
• Volume freely selectable in 0.01 μl steps
• Full compatibility with all CyBi®-Well vario systems