Product News: Corning launches X-SERIES cell processing platform to support cell and gene therapy applications

The platform aims to deliver rapid and automated processing of human blood and blood products to obtain purified populations of immune cells

02 Jul 2020

Corning Incorporated has launched the Corning® X-SERIES® cell processing platform. The platform delivers, fast, sterile, automated, and efficient processing of human blood and blood products to obtain purified populations of immune cells for use in cell and gene therapy applications. Developed by ThermoGenesis Holdings, Inc., a Sacramento, California-based company specializing in technologies for therapeutic cell production, the X-SERIES systems are exclusively available from Corning and its distribution partners.

The rise of personalized immunotherapies based on chimeric antigen receptors expressed in T-lymphocytes (CAR-T-cells) to treat blood cancers has increased demand for improved systems that can harvest specific immune cells. The X-SERIES products perform the steps of this critical process with a new level of speed and performance.

  • The X-LAB® System provides automated isolation and harvest of rare mononuclear immune cells (~0.05% of total blood cells) using a sterile, functionally closed, single-use cartridge and centrifugation, without density gradient media.
  • The X-WASH® System can be used throughout the cell processing workflow to concentrate cellular suspensions and remove contaminants such as cryoprotectants, spent growth factors, excess viruses, or genetic constructs within a sterile, single-use cartridge using centrifugation.
  • The X-MINI® Selection Kit is designed for the selection of cells and cell subsets from blood and blood products through Buoyancy-Activated Cell Sorting (X-BACS™) technology, which uses a novel microbubble approach without magnetic beads.

“Corning continues to broaden and advance our cell culture portfolio, now adding the X-SERIES platform for cell separation and purification,” said Keith Olson, vice president, Strategy and Technology, Corning Life Sciences. “The X-SERIES systems will provide our customers with a simple to use, sophisticated, closed-system device that yields high-purity, specialized immune cells for use downstream in cell and gene therapy advanced workflows.”

“With the growing importance of immunotherapy, it is critical that investigators and clinicians worldwide have access to this technology to improve their processes. Corning's leadership in cell culture and its global footprint make them an ideal partner for the X-SERIES products,” said Philip Coelho, founder and Chief Technology Officer at ThermoGenesis.

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