Product News: Comparison of seals and silicone mats for maintaining the integrity of drug samples

16 Sep 2020

BioChromato Inc. reports that the pharmacokinetics department at a leading Japanese pharmaceutical company has found that RAPID Slit Seals offer significant benefits compared to conventional silicone mats for maintaining the integrity of microplate samples.

In their drive to identify new drug entities the pharmacokinetics department employ a mass spectrometer served by an autosampler handling biological samples prepared in 96-well microplates. Traditionally the department used silicone mats to maintain the integrity of their microplate samples. While this approach worked well - it was expensive and the silicone plate seals had to be carefully washed before reuse as contamination from the biological samples handled was a concern.

Switching to disposable RAPID Slit Seals from BioChromato the pharmacokinetics  department has eliminated the previous biological contamination problem and significantly reduced the cost per analysis.

In addition, the pharmaceutical company found that the autosampler injection hole in the disposable plate seals rapidly closes after each injection, making it an ideal closure for samples that might be selected for further analysis. Even with samples stored for several days in volatile solvents, such as acetonitrile, the RAPID Slit Seals were found to minimize solvent loss through evaporation ensuring sample integrity and the validity of repeat analyses.

Proven in labs worldwide, RAPID Slit Seal is a proprietary self-closing microplate seal  that returns to its original state even when punched with an HPLC or LC/MS autosampler.  As a result, loss of volatile solvents from your valuable samples is minimized.

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