Product News: Clarity 4.0 - New Possibilities for Chromatographers

25 Jun 2012

DataApex is pleased to announce that the new Clarity version 4.0 has been released. It opens new possibilities thanks to the many new features and control modules that have been implemented.

Chromatographers can now utilize features such as a DHA extension for Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis, new support for bar code readers and enhancements to peak integration.

DataApex added control modules for Young Lin YL6500 GC, Spark SPH 1240 pumps, Cetac AS800 autosampler, Altech ELSD 3300, Ecom Flash DAD. Control modules for Agilent HPLC 1100/1200/1260/1290 series have been completely reprogrammed using the latest Agilent ICF platform. Clarity currently controls more than 350 instruments from more than 40 vendors and provides users with high flexibility in connecting wide range of instruments.

And finally, last but not least, Clarity 4.0 expands the portfolio of Clarity localizations by adding Spanish and German versions. Clarity is now available in 4 languages (English, Chinese, German and Spanish) and one more is to come soon.

DataApex follows its commitment and offers free of charge SW updates to all Clarity users. Anyone can download a free demonstration version from DataApex website.

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