Product News: CEM introduces next-generation muffle furnace for microwave ashing

03 Mar 2020

CEM Corporation is proud to announce the release of the new Phoenix BLACK™ microwave muffle furnace. The Phoenix BLACK builds on the best-in-class technology found in previous generations of the PhoenixTM. Phoenix BLACK incorporates an updated cavity design with dual magnetron technology, aiming to deliver twice as much power for even faster results. The touchscreen display is designed to seamlessly integrate the CFR-compliant software, for complete traceability and data management in a user-friendly format.

The Phoenix BLACK offers improved flexibility compared to the previous model. Changes in configuration are now available at the customer site, making future upgrades simple and easy. The Sulfated Ash option now completely automates ash analysis, where acid treatment of the sample is necessary, such as in USP 281, ASTM D874, and many more. When coupled with an external balance, the Phoenix BLACK software automatically calculates and logs results with LIMS data output capability.

“We are excited to bring this new innovation to the marketplace. CEM pioneered the field of microwave ashing and we are now introducing the next generation technology with the Phoenix BLACK. This new product provides unparalleled performance, in terms of speed and simplicity. These advancements will be highly beneficial to existing customers and will also expand the use of microwave ashing in the future”, says Mike Collins, Founder and CEO of CEM Corporation.

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