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Product News: Cecil Instruments Presents a New Addition to the Adept HPLC Range

22 Jan 2010

Cecil Instruments announces a new Semi-Preparative HPLC Pump. Each pump has a range of 0.01 to 50 ml/minute and may be used isocratically or with others, to create a high pressure gradient. This makes for smooth, easy and reproducible transitions in scaling up from analytical to semi–preparative work.

Using over forty years experience of HPLC instrumentation, the Cecil Adept HPLC range has been enhanced, with the newly updated semi-preparative pump. The pump expands and streamlines the modularity of this range.

The use of semi-preparative pumps, with AutoQuest autosamplers, column heater chillers, WaveQuest UV/Visible ultra-fast scanning detectors, and fraction collectors makes for complete automation in the long-term, fast and reliable collection of fractions.

As with all the Cecil modular components, the semi-preparative pump may be used with third party systems. Comprehensive, versatile, intuitive and easy to use PowerStream software provides for 21 CFR part 11 compliance.

Systems are easy and fast to install. They are virtually plug and play.