Product News: Bruker Optics Presents FT-NIR Spectroscopy Solutions for the Food Industry

28 Nov 2018

Bruker Optics has launched a dedicated website for food analysis with FT-NIR spectroscopy. The website shows solutions for flour & milling productions, the dairy industry, for edible oil analysis, meat, as well as for other industries, e.g. chocolate, condiments or beverages. It also deals with today’s hot topics, like detecting food fraud, conformity testing, composition analysis

FT-NIR spectroscopy offers a fast and simple tool for the analysis of a wide range of raw materials, intermediates and finished products in the food industry. In contrast to most wet-chemistry and other reference methods the FT-NIR technology is quick, cost-effective, non-destructive and safe, since it does not use chemicals, solvents or gases. NIR spectroscopy is today the first choice for the analysis of all kind of organic materials, making it ideal for a wide variety of foodstuffs.

The key benefits of FT-NIR spectroscopy are:

• no sample preparation, no waste

• no special skills required, easy sample presentation

• no typical errors of classical lab methods

• analysis of multiple components in less than one minute

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