Product News: Bruker Introduces Instant Expertise in High Resolution LCMSMS with the New COMPACT Mass Spectrometer

24 Mar 2013

At Pittcon 2013, Bruker announced a new level of accessibility for its industry leading high resolution, accurate mass technology. The novel COMPACT LC-QqTOF mass spectrometer achieves sensitivity levels normally associated with the best triple-quadrupole instruments while delivering research grade, high-resolution full scan data even at the highest UHPLC speeds.

COMPACT leverages the latest ion guide and high-transmission MSMS cell from the technology leader IMPACT LC-QqTOF introduced at ASMS 2011, in a very compact, economic bench-top format making this capability instantly available for all routine analytical tasks. Thanks to the cutting-edge 10 bit ADC detection technology the COMPACT system gains a 3-4 times higher dynamic range during real LC timescales. The innovation delivers productivity gains by greatly increased robustness to sample variation allowing reduced sample pretreatment especially desirable in high throughput quantitative applications. The new technology also provides impressive 50 GBit/sec sampling speed enabling Bruker to make the unique assurance to its customers of full specification resolution at full sensitivity even at the fastest UHPLC speeds.

The COMPACT debuts with the latest version of Bruker’s Compass Software 1.6 featuring highly sophisticated new autoMSMS acquisitions which intelligently react in real time to optimize acquisition parameters to the incident sample. The modes dramatically simplify method development and provide immediate expert-caliber analytical results in the hands of routine users. The software will also be available as an upgrade for all IMPACT customers.

Ian Sanders, President of Bruker’s Life Science Mass Spectrometry commented: “With sensitivity to rival the best triple-quadrupoles and self-optimized delivery of research-grade high resolution data, the COMPACT eliminates the need to make performance choices and becomes the natural first tool to reach for in making any fresh analytical task immediately productive”.

The features ensure COMPACT delivers the fastest time-to-success for customers across a broad applications portfolio ranging from small molecule identification and characterization; food, forensic and environmental screening, metabolomics, proteomics to antibody analysis. Demonstration and training centers in Germany and the US are already equipped with COMPACT instruments and shipments to customers have begun.