Product News: BMG LABTECH Celebrates 25 Years of Microplate Reader Innovation at SLAS 2015

20 Jan 2015

BMG LABTECH, the Microplate Reader Company, will celebrate its 25th anniversary and introduce the new Atmospheric Control Unit to the US market at the SLAS conference 2015 in Washington, DC.

The German microplate reader company BMG LABTECH was established in Offenburg, Germany in late December 1989. Since then, BMG LABTECH has become a world leading microplate reader manufacturer due to continuous development of innovative and unique technologies. At SLAS 2015 booth #0929, BMG LABTECH will celebrate its 25th anniversary, showcasing its latest reader, the CLARIOstar®, and introducing the new Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU) to the US market.

The CLARIOstar® is the most sensitive monochromator-based multi-mode plate reader available on the market. Its new and revolutionary LVF Monochromators™ are the most sensitive and flexible monochromators currently available in a microplate reader. As BMG LABTECH’s proprietary technology, LVF Monochromators™ allow for filter-like performance, providing increased sensitivity over conventional monochromators, combined with the flexibility of continuously adjustable bandwidths up to 100 nm (four times larger than conventional monochromators). The CLARIOstar’s triple detection technology - LVF Monochromators™, along with filters and an UV/Vis spectrometer, ensures uncompromised sensitivity and flexibility in up to eight different detection modes.

The newly introduced Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU) further enhances the CLARIOstar’s capabilities: The ACU allows independent, simultaneous control of both O2 and CO2 within the reader chamber. From standard cell growth to hypoxic or cytotoxicity assays, the ACU provides the optimal environment for any live cell-based assay.

In addition to the CLARIOstar and the new ACU, BMG LABTECH will showcase all its microplate readers, from the PHERAstar FS, the gold standard HTS reader, to the SPECTROstar Nano, the ultra-fast UV/Vis absorbance spectrometer.

Besides exhibiting, BMG LABTECH will host three tutorials, providing an insight into the science behind the technology: “HTRF assay in induced pluripotent stem cell derived cell types” in cooperation with Cellular Dynamics International and Cisbio, “Ultra-Rapid Detection of Cardiac Contraction: Drug Discovery with Personalized 3D Engineered Heart Tissues” in cooperation with InvivoSciences, and “Characterization of Monoclonal Biologics” in cooperation with Cisbio. Moreover, BMG LABTECH will co-present Lumigen’s tutorial “SPARCL – No-wash homogeneous immunoassay”.

Stop by booth #929 to receive a commemorative 25th anniversary BMG LABTECH t-shirt!