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Product News: BioTek Introduces Synergy Neo2 High Performance Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

02 Jul 2015

BioTek, a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of microplate instrumentation and software, has announced the release of the new Synergy Neo2 Multi-Mode Reader. With improved performance and new features, Synergy Neo2 is now the most advanced, high-performance, high-speed plate reader on the market today.

Synergy™ Neo2 is designed for speed and ultra high performance, incorporating BioTek’s patented Hybrid Technology™, with its independent optical paths that ensure uncompromised performance. Continuously variable bandwidth quadruple monochromators, sensitive high transmission filter-based optics and up to 4 PMTs provide ultra-fast measurements with excellent results. Advanced environment controls include CO2/O2 control, incubation to 65 °C and variable shaking support live cell assays; cell-based detection is optimized with direct bottom illumination. Barcode-labeled filter cubes help streamline workflows and limit errors, and the available BioStackNeo plate stacker is the fastest on the market – ideal for high throughput requirements. Powerful Gen5™ Data Analysis Software is included, and features designed for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance are available in Gen5 Secure.

Gary Barush, Director of Marketing & Sales, states "For years BioTek has led the evolution of multi-mode detection. We are proud to introduce this top-of-the-line reader which combines best in class performance in all modes with the speed that customers demand. In addition to being optimized for biochemical assay performance, Synergy Neo2 provides unsurpassed results for cell based assay detection, while its modular configuration makes this new level of performance accessible for many budgets."