Product News: BIOCIUS Life Sciences to Unveil New RapidFire® 360 High Resolution MS Solution for ADME Analysis at ASMS 2010

18 May 2010

BIOCIUS will launch its newest RapidFire instrument for drug discovery, the RF360. The RF360 platform, combined with Agilent's Time-Of-Flight (TOF) accurate mass spec eliminates the MRM method development step for high-throughput, label-free screening of ADME assays. Visit BIOCIUS in booth 67, and see the new RF360 in the evenings in hospitality suite 251A.

Celebrate the launch with BIOCIUS in hospitality suite 251A from 8pm-11pm each night during the conference. You'll get to see the new RF360 instrument and enjoy some food, foosball, fun and prizes. Also at ASMS, RapidFire Users will give talks (Monday morning) and present posters (Tuesday and Thursday) where the instrument is shown to increase efficiencies and eliminate bottlenecks for in vitro ADME analysis. Data will also be presented that compares RapidFire/MS, which uses solid phase extraction technology, and LC/MS.