Product News: BioAssay Works to Present Assay Development Services at AACC 2011

18 Jul 2011

BioAssay Works is exhibiting at the 2011 AACC Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA. Come visit them at Booth 4020. Also, an OEM Lecture presentation on the BAW patented ultra-sensitive lateral-flow assay platform will take place in room B404 on Tuesday, July 26 at 10:00 AM.

BioAssay Works will present the four core technologies that they use to develop high-sensitivity, rapid-format, lateral-flow assays for clients. These technologies include:

1) A unique, high–OD, concentrated gold- sol that is the foundation for their ultra-sensitive assay development;

2) Optimized conjugation techniques that allow conjugation of the most demanding ligands to nanoparticles;

3) A conjugate ribbon-pad process that enhances the release of the conjugate for more complete mixing with the assay sample; and

4) Patented C-FLAT lateral-flow assay platforms that further enhance sensitivity.

Specifically, BioAssay Works offers:

1) Gold sols and gold conjugates, manufactured in a proprietary process that produces 10- nm to 120-nm nanoparticles at 10-OD to 100-OD, optimized for rapid assays without the traditional boiling and centrifugation-concentration steps. Nor do conjugates made with BioAssay Works’ gold have to be centrifuged to remove free antibody. The elimination of these steps improves gold-sol consistency, reduces assay-development problems, and saves time and cost. These cost savings carry over to scaled up conjugate-production volumes. The proprietary manfuacturing process also reduces problems of unwanted polymers and aggregates and optimizes rapid-assay performance.

2) Custom-conjugation services where BioAssay Works applies its experience to conjugate your ligand to to their novel gold sols to speed assay R & D.

3) Assay development services using BioAssay Works’ technical innovations to save development time and money.

4) Gold-in-a-Box™ research kit—gold-conjugation kit to speed gold-sol research. With the unique kit, you can prepare a gold conjugate in less than one hour without the need to boil gold or centrifuge conjugate.