Product News: Bio-Assay Works to Demonstrate Groundbreaking Rapid Assays at AACC

09 Jul 2012

BioAssay Works is focused on antibody- (and antigen-) based detection technologies and their application in lateral-flow immunoassay, for both instrument-based and visually read tests. The company has substantial, trade-secret- protected intellectual property, especially in production of unique, high-sensitivity gold sols and gold conjugates, and has two of its own patented lateral-flow test platforms.

BioAssay Works offers four technologies for high-sensitivity, rapid-format lateral-flow assays. These include concentrated gold sol nanoparticles and rapid-assay development and custom conjugation services. The company’s patented C-FLAT® lateral-flow, rapid-assay platforms provides ultra-sensitive assays with ELISA-like sensitivity.

The skills of BioAssay Works were utilized by the clinical researchers at Brigham and Womens Hospital, Harvard University to convert a lab-based ELISA to a point-of-care urine dipstick for a new acute kidney damage biomarker. The requirement was to have similar sensitivity in the fifteen-minute dipstick as the ELISA test. BioAssay Works has been the only company able to develop a point-of-care format assay for this important kidney damage biomarker that is currently being used world-wide for toxicity research.

The rapid assay detects kidney injury molecule-1 (Kim-1), which has been qualified by the Food and Drug Administration and European Medicines Agency as a highly sensitive and specific urinary biomarker to monitor drug-induced kidney injury in preclinical studies and on a case-by-case basis in clinical trials.

The new KIM-1 acute kidney marker rapid assay and ELISA will be displayed at the BioAssay Works booth (#841) at the AACC Clinical lab Expo 2012 in Los Angeles, July 15th-19th.