Product News: Artel Sponsor Workshop to Ensure Data Integrity and Robust Assay Results at LabAutomation 2011

24 Jan 2017

Artel will present a workshop providing guidance on validation and optimization for the Tecan Freedom EVO Liquid Handling platform. This workshop will be held January 31 to give automation specialists a better understanding of the relationship between liquid handler equipment configurations and their impact on pipetting accuracy and precision.

“Our goal in presenting this workshop is to give laboratory professionals the tools to better understand the factors that can critically influence liquid handler performance, so they know what to expect and what to look for with regard to their own liquid handling equipment,” said Kevin Khovananth, Applications Specialist for Artel. “The Tecan EVO is a flexible instrument that can tackle a broad range of applications, utilizing a variety of configurations depending on the pipetting task required. We’ve collected data — both precision (CV) and accuracy reports — that we’re excited to share with our laboratory colleagues at LabAutomation.”

Workshop participants will examine accuracy and precision data relating to a variety of equipment configurations gathered using the Artel MVS® (Multichannel Verification System). Attendees will be able to see first-hand data showing how various factors — such as tip type, tip size, syringe volume and tubing size — affect volume transfer performance of Tecan automated liquid handlers. The workshop, which will be led by Khovananth, will provide useful tips on how to optimize each channel on a Tecan automated liquid handler to ensure accurate and precise performance tailored to specific assay needs. In addition to getting a glimpse at the latest capabilities of Tecan’s Freedom EVO liquid handling platform, attendees will also get an exclusive look at how Tecan uses the Artel MVS system as part of the Installation Qualification in non-clinical reference laboratories.

“Tecan understands the importance of data integrity in the lab and the central role played by automated liquid handlers,” said Kirby Pilcher, President of Artel. “By thoroughly understanding their automated liquid handlers, and the factors that affect performance, laboratories can take steps to measurably improve quality, productivity and data integrity.”

Using Artel’s proprietary ratiometric photometry technology, which measures light absorption by two specially formulated dyes to verify delivered volume for each dispensing channel of a liquid handler, the MVS provides performance measurements of up to 384 channels in one rapid procedure. The MVS technology will also be demonstrated in Artel’s booth (#551) at LabAutomation2011, January 29-February 2.