Product News: Application Capabilities and Benefits of Using Electronic Pipettes

05 Jul 2012

INTEGRA has created a new web page giving lab scientists instant access to a wealth of information relating to the applications capabilities and benefits of using electronic pipettes.

Electronic pipettes offer increased functionality when compared to manual pipettes. This is demonstrated in a series of YouTube application videos that show how INTEGRA's VIAFLO electronic pipettes are able to function as repeaters, mixers, serial dilutors, manual pipettes and handheld sample processors.

In addition to increased functionality, the ergonomic design of VIAFLO electronic pipettes facilitates hours of tireless pipetting. With just one light press of the Run button a VIAFLO pipette can undertake 30 mixing procedures eliminating the time-consuming repetitive plunger motion that would be required if using a manual pipette. Using a touch wheel similar to an MP3 player - VIAFLO electronic pipettes also enable volume setting in a fraction of the time and effort compared to using a manual pipette.

Using a stepper motor - VIAFLO electronic pipettes enable volumes to be set and incrementally changed with a level of accuracy and precision unachievable using manual pipettes. The electronic settings also allow a first and last dispense to be programmed further increasing the accuracy and precision of VIAFLO pipettes.