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Product News: Anton Paar Launches New Litesizer™ Instrument with Advanced Particle Size and Molecular Mass Capabilities

14 Feb 2017

Since last year, the Litesizer 500 has been shedding light on particle systems by using light scattering. The Litesizer family is now set to expand with its newest member: the Litesizer 100. The ingeniously simple software and key advances in particle-size and molecular-mass measurements of the Litesizer 500 are now presented in a simplified version, which is the Litesizer 100.

The size and stability of nanoparticles and microparticles are crucial to their function as well as to their processing and transport properties. With the Litesizer 100 you can determine the particle size, transmittance, molecular mass and second virial coefficient on a wide variety of samples. The Litesizer 100 gives you rapid and accurate insight into your particle systems, and provides the tools for optimizing them by revealing how they change with time, pH, temperature, and concentration.

The Litesizer 100 is a streamlined version of the Litesizer 500, offering you the advanced particle size and molecular mass capabilities without the zeta potential technology.

The unique features of the Litesizer particle analyzers include: 

  • ingeniously simple software. The user interface is a one-page workflow, where input parameters, results and analysis are all on a single page. You can set up measurement series in a few seconds, and produce the analysis and report you need at the touch of a button. You can also compare results from different experiments when its convenient for you.
  • continuous transmittance measurements. This feature gives you instant feedback about your sample, and it allows the device to automatically optimize parameters like the focus position, measurement angle, and measurement duration.
  • an enclosed optical bench: Highly sensitive measurement optics enable the accurate detection of even low-intensity signals, while the robust casing reduces the effects of vibrations and ensures that measurements remain unaffected by dust or temperature fluctuations.

The Litesizer 100 is a streamlined instrument that will simplify your particle analysis and free up your time, so you can concentrate on what your particles are doing, rather than trying to figure out how to use the device.