Product News: Anton Paar Launches AFM for Industrial Users

Automation and clever tools make premium AFM technology accessible even for inexperienced users

29 Nov 2017

Anton Paar, a well-established developer, producer, and distributor of highly accurate laboratory instruments and process measuring systems predominantly for industry, has introduced the first AFM specially designed for industrial users. Tosca™ 400, the premium atomic force microscope, employs a new form of automation on every level of operation to increase the efficiency and simplify the handling of AFM measurements.


The pioneer of AFM for industrial users

Due to the very complex and complicated handling of an AFM instrument, this technology was and is still mainly used by academia and research centers. With Tosca 400 Anton Paar responds to the continuously growing demand of industry, confronted with new materials and research topics, for complex nano-surface analysis. Tosca 400 uniquely combines a premium technology with simple and user-friendly operation, which makes this AFM fit for industrial users as well as scientists.

Key features to peak performance

Automation is an integral element on every level of operation, increasing efficiency and simplifying the handling of AFM measurements. Highlights such as fully automatic laser alignment, side-view cameras for the easiest possible sample engagement procedure as well as the workflow-oriented control and analysis software simplify AFM measurements significantly.

With Tosca 400, users just need two clicks in the control software to start the laser alignment: After loading the cantilever onto the actuator body and the actuator body onto the AFM head, the instrument carries out the alignment automatically.

One of the most complex procedures when operating an AFM is the engagement procedure that brings the sample surface in contact with the cantilever. Tosca 400 takes care of that challenge: A side-view camera allows the user to track the exact position of the cantilever on the PC screen and move the cantilever close to the sample surface. Then the cantilever is lowered onto the surface automatically and is ready for scanning within seconds.

Probemaster – reduce cantilever exchange to just a few seconds

Probemaster is an innovative and unique tool for Tosca 400, designed by Anton Paar engineers to enable fast and easy cantilever exchange. Having this tool at hand, there is nothing more to do than place the cantilever anywhere in the marked area and easily slide it into the actuator body. Due to the extensive space for placing a cantilever into Probemaster it can easily be handled by inexperienced users – damage to often expensive probes are completely avoided and tweezers to position the tiny cantilever become obsolete. On top of that, Tosca 400 is compatible with any kind of cantilever, independent of brand and manufacturer.

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