Product News: Andreas Hettich Announces New ROTANTA 460 Centrifuge

09 Mar 2010

The new ROTANTA 460 models offer high throughput, short separating times, fully developed technology, and a wide range of accessories.

Maximum 6.446 RCF can be generated with a swing-out rotor, 24.400 RCF with an angle rotor. In swing-out position, up to e.g. 120 blood collection tubes, 240 x 2 ml microlitre tubes, 4 x 750 ml bottles, 24 microtitre plates or 4 deep well plates with filter columns for RNA/DNA purification can be centrifuged per run. For separation in angle position a choice of 3 rotors for max. 6 x 94 ml, 6 x 250 ml, and 30 x 1.5/2 ml is available. With the autoclavable and aerosol-tight (TÜV-tested in compliance with DIN EN 61010, part 2 - 020) even toxic or infectious materials can be centrifuged safely for both the user and the environment.

With the standardized C control panel operation of the centrifuges is quick and easy. 98 programmable memories are available. By entering a PIN stored programs can be pro-tected against unauthorized operation or modification. If required, the centrifuge run time can be switched from „at start” (commencement at start) to „at speed“ (start when nominal speed is attained). Special braking ramps enable the centrifugation of blood bags in the refrigerated models.

ROTANTA 460 benchtop centrifuges are available in air-cooled (460) or refrigerated ver-sion (460 R). They are also offered as refrigerated underbench (460 RC) or refrigerated floorstanding models (460 RF).