Product News: An Increased-Capacity Centrifuge for High-Throughput Laboratories

Fermentation broth case study shows how Eppendorf has risen to the challenges faced by bioprocessing laboratories

22 Dec 2017

Eppendorf Centrifuge 5920 R Universal Buckets

Centrifuges are among the most commonly used instruments in life science laboratories, from academia to industry. Cell separation, harvesting and removal of aggregates are often the first step in many biological applications and are made easy with the use of a centrifuge. For labs with increased throughput, the volume of the bucket is often the point of limitation - and that's where Eppendorf has stepped in to make the difference.

A game-changer for high-throughput laboratories 

Bioprocessing laboratories often produce large volumes of fermentation broths that require separating for further processing.  Likewise in clinical labs, a large quantity of samples requiring separation are generated. This can result in repeated spin downs and extended time scales. The Eppendorf 5920 R centrifuge provides the separation power and capacity required for such applications. It offers extraordinarily high capacity of up to 4 x 1,000 mL / 52 x 50 mL conical tubes and excellent performance, making it ideal for high-throughput laboratories.

The capability of the Eppendorf 5920 R centrifuge is demonstrated in this application note where 4 L of a fed-batch fermentation broth that produced ~1300 g of wet weight was centrifuged at 3,700 rpm. The samples reached 80% completion after just 20 minutes and complete spin down within one hour. 

The 5920 R has received positive feedback from scientists leaving reviews on the SelectScience® website. Fallen Kai Yik Teoh, of the Macquarie University, Australia, uses the centrifuge for cell clarification and says:

This is a user-friendly machine and it allows high loading capacity up to 1000mL and multiple rotor options which fits to my protein assays. The cooling system is good and no noise sounds when operating.

Fallen Kai Yik Teoh

Macquarie University, Australia


The Eppendorf Centrifuge 5920 R can operate with 4x 1 liter Nalgene bottles

Four ways the Centrifuge 5920 R could benefit your lab


  • Save time and space

Universal buckets for both tubes and plates means there is no need to exchange separate buckets, as both tubes and plates can be used in the same ones.


  • High capacity

For high-throughput laboratory processing, 4x 1000mL Nalgene® bottles can be centrifuged at once. The exceptional capacity makes it an ideal instrument for centrifugation of bench-scale bioreactor cell culture or clarification of fermentation broth for benchtop fermenters.


  • Advanced operating system

The Centrifuge 5920 R has a multi-lingual operating system that can save up to 99 user-defined programs so your lab is ready, whatever the procedure. 


  • High speeds

The 5920 R reaches high centifugation speeds up to 25,062 x g, perfect for cell separation needs.