Product News: Alifax launches new spectroscopy system to identify bacteria in one minute

Reagent-free system identifies microorganisms from isolated colonies with minimal manual work and no sample prep

01 Aug 2019

Alifax, a leading manufacturer of innovative diagnostic instrumentation for hematology and microbiology applications, has launched a groundbreaking new solution for rapid bacteria identification.

I-dOne, a reagent-free system based on ATR-FTIR spectroscopy, identifies microorganisms from isolated colonies in just 60 seconds, requiring minimal manual work and no sample preparation or pre-treatment.

Designed to meet the increasing demand for reduced turnaround times and increased cost-efficiency in the clinical microbiology lab, this new technology has been developed through an intense partnership with the renowned Sincrotrone Area Science Park in Trieste.

It builds on 30 years of experience at Alifax, which through continuous research has become a global leader for the erythrocyte sedimentation rate test, with its instruments giving results in only 20 seconds.

In the field of microbiology, Alifax has developed instruments that provide antimicrobial susceptibility and resistance tests in only six hours, based on the rapid phenotypical method.  

Alifax also offers a large range of instruments for various configurations and laboratory workflows.

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