Product News: AIA-900 Automated Immunoassay Analyzer Now Available in Benchtop Model

06 Apr 2016

The highly anticipated AIA-900 Benchtop model from Tosoh Inc. is now available. The system provides the same random access immunoassay diagnostics as floor standing models, now in a powerful benchtop analyzer.

In total there are now four system configurations: the AIA-900 Benchtop, AIA-900 Loader model, AIA-900 with the 9 tray sorter, and the AIA-900 with the 19 tray sorter. The 4 configurations provide customers with a unique opportunity to grow as their testing volumes increase. Adding a 9 or 19 tray sorter to the instrument is easy. The reagent performance does not change since the analysis section of the instrument remains unchanged.

The AIA-900 utilizes Tosoh’s proven Unit Dose Test Cup reagent technology. Single, unitized test cups require no pre-mixing, no pre-measuring, no on-board refrigeration and no waste. The AIA-PACK test cup format works with every Tosoh AIA Automated Immunoassay system. Reagents are interchangeable, so laboratories with more than one Tosoh system can use the same reagents. Transition between systems is seamless, ensuring consistent results.

Extensive test menu provides a wide range of immunoassay tests including thyroid, cardiac markers, tumor markers, reproductive hormones, anemia markers, metabolic markers, diabetes, kidney markers and more. Most assays have a 90 day calibration stability and one year shelf life from date of manufacture.

Running 90 tests per hour, the AIA-900’s user-friendly operations provide extremely efficient multi-tasking. Accurate results are available in approximately 18 minutes. With simple touch screen operation, bar-coded primary tube sampling and automated pretreatment, the AIA-900 maximizes operator efficiency and economical operation for the laboratory.