Product News: Achieve UHPLC Results on Any LC System with Kinetex Columns from Phenomenex

22 Feb 2010

Phenomenex will feature Kinetex core-shell technology columns at Pittcon 2010. The columns deliver performance comparable to sub-2-micron columns, for use on both HPLC and UHPLC systems. Presentations at booth 3659 will discuss performance and applications, including user experiences with Kinetex in the pharmaceutical industry. In partnership with the USP, Phenomenex will also present a seminar on Practical Applications of USP Chapter <621> to Improve HPLC Method Stability and Productivity.

Other highlights include high temperature-stable Zebron Inferno GC Columns, and new Clarity LC and SPE products for the extraction, characterization and quality control of synthetic oligonucleotides. An array of separation devices for liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, sample preparation, and bulk purification will be on display. Phenomenex researchers will present talks on recent developments in chromatography and applications to current challenges in the Pittcon Technical Program.

Featured at Pittcon 2010
Practical Applications of USP Chapter <621> to Improve HPLC Method Stability and Productivity
Due to economic pressures, labs are being forced to maximize productivity of their current instrumentation and find new ways to reduce analysis time, decrease solvent usage, and ensure maximum sample throughput. This half-day course is provided by USP in association with Phenomenex to help you understand how to apply Fast LC and other new techniques within the framework of USP General Chapter .

Kinetex™: Achieve Ultra-High Performance Results on Conventional HPLC Systems
Kinetex core-shell technology columns deliver ultra-high performance to ANY LC system. Achieve sub-2 µm efficiencies at significantly lower backpressures that are compatible with conventional HPLC systems.

Achieve High-Throughput Extraction of Oligonucleotide Therapeutics with Clarity OTX
In less than 15 minutes and without the use of liquid-liquid extraction (LLE), scientists extracting RNA and DNA-based therapeutics from biological fluids and tissues achieve high recoveries and LC/MS sensitivity, dramatically shortening the pre-clinical and clinical development timeline.

Upgrade to Zebron™ Inferno™ GC Columns to Extend Lifetime and Cut Costs!
Phenomenex’s Zebron Inferno columns are the highest temperature rated fused silica GC columns on the market, providing lower bleed, better reproducibility, and extended column lifetime. The ZB-1HT and ZB-5HT are low polarity GC columns stable to 430 C, making them great for common lab analysis. The ZB-35HT and ZB-XLB-HT are midpolar columns great for separation of more polar compounds, such as environmental contaminants and chemicals.