Product News: ACEA Biosciences Launches NovoCyte® Yellow Laser Systems to Expand Fluorescent Protein Detection Capabilities

20 Oct 2016

ACEA BioSciences have added a 561nm laser to its range of NovoCyte cytometers to expand the configuration capabilities.

The two NovoCyte yellow laser system models (NovoCyte 3000 VYB and 3000 RYB) now give customers the ability to excite yellow and green fluorophores of conjugated antibodies, increases instrument sensitivity, and expands NovoCytes capacity for the simultaneous detection of multiple fluorescent proteins.

As the NovoCyte flow cytometer continues to be adopted by academic and industry laboratories, ACEA Biosciences is aggressively meeting the demands of ever broadening flow cytometry applications, says Rene Nunez, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at ACEA.

The introduction of the yellow-green laser option has further increased the flexibility of the NovoCyte brand of flow cytometers high performance, affordable systems for everyone.