Product News: Tosoh Bioscience Expands GPC Product Offering with New GPC Sample Analysis Program

09 May 2014

Tosoh Bioscience LLC is proud to announce the expansion of their GPC products to include contract GPC Sample Analysis Program. This new program will lend itself to those labs that currently do not have the instruments capable of performing polymer characterization or have samples that may require outside expertise for sample analysis and/ or method development.

With our well-equipped GPC labs and expert GPC scientist, Tosoh provides a broad range of analytical services to help your team with extensive analysis of organic and aqueous soluble polymers using our ambient and high temperature EcoSEC GPC Systems. Tosoh’s GPC Sample Analysis Program includes molar mass by peak position calibration, universal calibration, or absolute methods, polymeric size, and confirmation/architecture determination.

Tosoh takes pride in being able to provide quality, versatile, and dependable service to our customers. Through the commitment of the entire team at Tosoh, coupled with extensive testing performed by highly skilled polymer scientists, the Sample Analysis Program is just another way that Tosoh is unquestionably a standout focused on the GPC industry.

To learn more about the Sample Analysis Program offered by Tosoh or the other GPC solutions Tosoh has to offer, such as the EcoSEC GPC Systems and TSKgel® GPC columns, please visit for more details.