Product News: The Next Generation Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer - amaZon speed™

06 Sep 2011

The new amaZon speed series from Bruker enhances ion trap performance, analytical capabilities and overall utility in proteomics and small molecule analysis. The release of Bruker’s new high-performance amaZon speed and amaZon speed ETD ion trap mass spectrometers (ITMS) meets the increasing demands of the proteomics, research and applied markets.

All amaZon speed scan modes offer improved resolution: the fast XtremeScan (52,000 u/sec) now features mass resolution better than 0.5u for resolving doubly charged ions. The Maximum Resolution Mode (5,200 u/sec) enables mass resolution well below 0.1u and can resolve 8+ multiply charged ions in full scans across a wide ITMS mass range (up to m/z 3,000).

High raw ITMS performance enables excellent analytical capabilities for proteomics researchers for both Bottom-up and Top-down strategies. In combination with SMART™ precursor ion isolation and fragmentation, routine, unambiguous identification of ~1,300 proteins is now possible in single amaZon speed LC/MS/MS runs of, for example, 1 μg E.coli lysate. An extremely wide dynamic range for proteomics supports this performance, and in well-defined standard mixtures of proteins, the amaZon speed now covers up to 5 orders of magnitude in concentration levels.

For Top-down applications and post-translational modification (PTM) analysis, the amaZon speed ETD delivers a sensitive, robust and reliable setup. In combination with Bruker’s proprietary GlycoQuestTM glycan DB search engine, the amazon speed is an ideal instrument to retrieve structures of released glycans in an easy, automated approach, thus offering a solution to one of the most demanding disciplines in proteomics research.

The enhanced performance of the amaZon speed also delivers improved data quality in a wide range of small molecule applications. Quantification of therapeutic drugs is fully enabled by very sensitive and fast LC-MS/MS methods taking less than 5 minutes. Novel software for automated assignment of structures to fragment ions offers metabolite identification and structure verification by MSn. The amaZon speed is a robust system and ideal for a multi-user environment, supported by Bruker’s Compass OpenAccess software, a web-based client server system with push-button solutions for applications including quality control (QC), recombinant protein MW verification, and automatic library searches. The intuitive workflow-oriented GUI in combination with the flexibility and throughput of the amaZon speed is suitable for routine industrial, clinical, synthesis or teaching laboratories.

"The amaZon speed represents the next generation in ion trap mass spectrometry, offering combinations of speed and performance without compromise,” commented Dr. Markus Meyer, Bruker’s Ion Trap MS Product Manager. ”Building upon our considerable expertise in ion trap technologies, we are introducing a new robust and cost-effective tool for the scientific and analytical community, designed to tackle their ever expanding and more in-depth molecular measurement challenges.”