Product News: Tecan Focuses on Sample Preparation at ASMS 2014

02 Jun 2014

Tecan will be offering delegates at this year’s American Society for Mass Spectrometry Conference the chance to learn how the Company’s laboratory automation solutions can accelerate and streamline mass spectrometry (MS) workflows. Visitors to booth #118 will be able to see first-hand how the flexible Freedom EVO® workstation can be used to reduce the need for labor-intensive manual sample preparation in ‘dilute and shoot’, solid phase extraction (SPE), liquid-liquid extraction and positive pressure SPE protocols.

Tecan will also be showcasing its innovative AC Extraction Plate™*, an easy-to-use consumable device that reduces the preparation of small non-polar molecules to a simple ‘pipette and shake’ routine. This eliminates the need for filtration, centrifugation and solvent evaporation steps, helping to simplify and streamline laboratory workflows.

For those wishing to further explore the sample preparation capabilities of the Freedom EVO workstation, Tecan will also be hosting a free breakfast tutorial on Wednesday the 18th of June from 7:00 to 8:15 in Room #336. This interactive session will provide the opportunity to discuss the end-to-end automation capabilities of the system for a wide range of applications, helping to eliminate sample preparation bottlenecks for even the most challenging applications.

To find out more about Tecan’s mass spectrometry sample preparation solutions, visit booth #118 or click on the company website link below.

*For research use only – not for clinical diagnostic applications.