Product News: Simple, Versatile and Secure: RAININ's New Electronic E4 XLS+™ Single and Multichannel Pipettes

20 Jun 2014

Anachem is pleased to announce the launch of RAININ’s latest development in electronic pipetting, the E4 XLS+ single and multichannel pipettes. The RAININ electronic XLS+ family are the most technically and ergonomically advanced pipettes to date, which raise the bar on pipetting for both comfort and performance.

The E4 XLS+ single channel pipettes feature state-of-the-art wet seals for stunningly smooth operation, corrosion-resistant tip ejectors and liquid ends that can be autoclaved. In addition, the new software on the RAININ E4 XLS+ electronic pipette includes a host of innovative new features to help regulated laboratories increase their security and streamline compliance while making these pipettes the most versatile and secure electronic pipettes available.

The new Admin mode enhances GLP/GMP compliance by enabling pipette settings, protocols and service alarms to be password protected. For convenience and security, the pipette menu can be configured (e.g., hiding unwanted modes, locking in settings, etc.) to be as simple or complex as users wish. Multiple custom protocols can now be stored and quickly recalled with a simple joystick movement.

The E4 XLS+ has an intuitive interface that works the way you think. The precise 360º joystick control and carousel-like menu structure on a large colour screen make switching functions fast and easy. Its powerful stepper motor eliminates technique and user-to-user inconsistencies. The electronic multichannel pipettes are 35% lighter than other pipettes, yet are balanced and substantial, with a fit, feel and finish that is truly world class. These pipettes are easy to manoeuvre and much easier on your hands, even after hours of pipetting.